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We bought Allerpet Cat Dander Remover because my new step son and family were coming to our house for our wedding. We have three cats and he has a server cat dander allergy. We used your product and cleaned the bedroom where they would be staying. He actually was better with his allergies in our house than in his own pet free home in Ohio. Amazing. He told his wife that if they could keep a cat that allergen free they could get one for their little boy – who absolutely loved ours. Thanks for a great product, advice and service.
-Key West, FL

Thank you for your inquiry concerning the Allerpet products that I purchased from you. I could not be happier! My granddaughter is allergic to dogs and cats. I have two dogs and a cat and they are family too. Dealing with my granddaughter’s allergies and struggling with the issue of having pets that we love and a granddaughter who suffers because of them has been truly heart rending. My granddaughter has not been in my home for several years now. I purchased your products and used them as directed. After treating the animals and my home my granddaughter was able to come to my home and spend the day with no allergic reaction at all. I will be a customer for life and will recommend your product to anyone with pets as I believe that even if a person has no allergies it can’t hurt to control the allergens related to pet dander. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
-No Address

The jury is still out on the effectiveness of the Allerpet For Cats. I followed the instructions on the bottle to the letter, “lightly moistening” a washcloth and then washing my cat with it. She’s a big cat (12 pounds), so the amount of solution on the washcloth probably wasn’t enough; it seemed to be working okay for the first couple of days, then it wore off. So this morning (a week after the first application) I used a handi-wipe instead of a washcloth and wet it generously, but not so that it was dripping, and applied it. I’m eager to see how that works. Thanks for your concern. I will let you know how it works in a week or so.
Update: Just to let you know that I have placed an order for more Allerpet; it is actually working! Thanks for making this product available. It is an answer to prayer.
-Jackson, TN

I have bad allergies to dogs and this is great to delay giving our dog a bath. We use this about 6 or 7 days after we give our dog a bath when my allergies start getting a little irritated and it keeps my allergies down for another 6 or 7 days. This is great for us since our dog really does not like baths. We just put this on a dry wash cloth and wipe the dog down, she really enjoys it.

It is a great product and a great way to keep the cat dander away.
-Round Rock, TX

I used this product between full baths, and it kept the sniffles and sneezing at bay for another 6 days. It stretches out the days between full baths which is very nice for my kitty who of course doesn’t like water.

After rescuing my dream dog Lucy, a maltipoo, I realized that my husband and 6 year old child were allergic to her. I was surprised to learn this because her breed was supposed to be good for allergy suffers. After a few weeks of thinking I had to give up my beloved dog I stumbled on to your site. I ordered my first bottle of Allerpet Dog Dander Remover. It arrived in a few short days and the family has been sniffle free ever since. I apply it to Lucy once a week after her bath. I have since ordered 3 more bottles. I will never be without this product. Thanks for letting me keep my dog.
-Wayne, IL

My boyfriend was severely allergic to our 4 year old medium hair cat. He would have asthma attacks on a regular basis which prevented him from breathing and kept him up all night. He often times would have to leave our house to breathe better. I searched a long time for something that works this great. I wash my cat once a week [with Allerpet] and it takes about 2 minutes total. She doesn’t seem to mind it either. I highly recommend this product to anyone with allergies that live with cats!! We will be buying more!!
-Traverse City, MI

I was about to give my cat away when a coworker turned me on to Allerpet Cat Dander Remover. I no longer have any asthma or other reactions, and I can continue to keep and love my cat forever. I’ve been recommending this product to everyone I know. Thank you!
-New Jersey

Thank goodness for Allerpet Cat Dander Remover. It was my last resort to help with my allergies and yes it works great. My allergies have never been better. Now I can keep kitty.
-No Address